Beer Review: St Peter’s Cream Stout

I got this one because the bottle looked interesting.  I’m glad I did.

Brought to us (well, me) by the St. Peter’s Brewing Company, in England, it’s a very nice drink.  A bit on the expensive side for a 1 pint bottle, it’s definitely not something you drink just to get drunk.  It’s more of a “I had a long day, I feel like sitting down for ten minutes and watching the sunset” sort of beer.  A creamy, heavy body pairs nicely with a bit of sweetness and a hint of that bitterness we all expect in a stout.  It’s a very enjoyable beer, assuming you enjoy stouts.

Some drinks manage to attach themselves to a memory, and for me, this one’s attached itself to a day my brother and I spend wandering the city.  We were meandering through a somewhat up-scale grocery store, looking for what he calls “bohemian” snacks.  In this case, it meant a very nice kind of salami I’d never heard of, a baguette, a bag of apples, and some beer.  I got St. Peter’s cream stout.  I’ve known that this stuff existed for a few days, and it’s already a nostalgic beer, that’s how pleasant it is.

Something interesting has happened.  I’m drinking this as I write, and it got sweeter sitting in the glass.  It’s not obvious, but it’s certainly noticeable.  Maybe it’s like wine, and needs to breath.  I’m not going to pretend like I understand what just happened, but it certainly happened.

Pour a glass, sip it slowly, and relax.  This is the good stuff.

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