Adventures in Homebrewing

In the long lost age of last Christmas, I got a beer making kit.  I got this kit because my brother is awesome, and deserves all the high fives.  The kit was one of the cheap ones, and it didn’t really work, but it was enough to get me into homebrewing.  I bought a better fermenting container, got all sorts of nifty tools, got my hands on a sack of grain that smelled like weird bread, and set about making beer.

Not surprisingly, I still kinda suck at it.

At the moment, I’m trying to salvage two cases of what was supposed to be stout. Assuming I read the hydrometer thingie right, it’s about 5% alcohol, which seems low for a stout but is definitely within the “this is technically beer” range.  The part I’m trying to salvage, however, is the bottling process.  Some of you probably already know what happened, but the yeast died during brewing, so it didn’t carbonate.  So, like anyone in doubt, I consulted an expert.  Enter the friendly folks at the local homebrewing supply store.  Austin has a store for everything, apparently.  I left armed with a few packets of champagne yeast and a new batch of sanitized bottlecaps, and in a few weeks I might have decent beer.  The waiting is the hard part.

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