Beer Review: Space Cake Double IPA

My initial reaction to this beer was “What’s up with that label?”  Like pretty much anything produced by the Clown Shoes brewery, the label boasts some bizarre art.  This one has some sort of epic space battle, and it’s almost as interesting as the beer itself.  I’m not usually an IPA fan, preferring stouts of all kinds, but I’m glad I tried Space Cake, and not just because the name is cool.

Like any IPA, there’s a lot of character here.  It’s a wonderful amber color, and smells like sort of a pine-citrus blend.  As for taste, I seem to lose the pine.  All I get is citrus.  A bit like grapefruit, minus any sweetness, making the end result very dry.  It’s crisper than most of what I drink, and very hoppy.  Hoppish?  Hop-y?  Whatever.  Lots and lots of hops.  I’m imagining a disgruntled brewmaster being told one time too many that it needs more hops.  He’s grumbling to himself “I’ll give you more hops,” as he dumps bucket after bucket into the vats.  Good on you, disgruntled brewmaster.

It has a good amount of body to it, and really holds your attention while you drink.  Some beers are smooth enough that you end up looking down and asking yourself how you finished the bottle without noticing.  That won’t happen here.

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