Beer Review: Moose Drool

I used to know a guy who would rave about how good this stuff is, so when I spotted it, I had to try it.

Made by the Big Sky Brewing Company, Moose Drool is a brown ale.  The first thing I noticed about it was that it’s a bit more robust than most ales.  Heavy on the malt, it’s got a roasty sort of taste and smell.  The brewers definitely put some effort into getting just the right degree of toasting on the the malt, and it comes through very nicely.  It’s a little nutty, a little sweet, and more than a little bitter without stepping over the line into being too bitter, which I particularly like in my beer.  The finish is a little bit sour, which adds to the complexity.

Overall, Moose Drool is pretty good.  Smooth, flavorful, and a solid example of what a brown ale should be.  It’s not the best brown ale, but it’s definitely a good one.  Nothing about it really sets it apart, but there’s not really anything negative to say about it either.

Final grade? Not the metaphorical valedictorian of the class, but definitely getting into a good college.

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